TSF is leading the way in giving senior citizens the safe, dignified and healthy old age they deserve.  We’re encouraging the government to implement policies that protect elderly people. We understand how difficult life is for seniors who live alone in poverty as they become isolated, depressed and unhealthy. But when communities rally around seniors, the opposite happens. TSF driving a range of social projects, all aimed at improving the quality of life our seniors are entitled to. We can all help make life better for Nigeria’s seniors.

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Sadly, poverty affects our seniors to differing degrees — based on factors such as geography, education, family and income. We’re determined to help our seniors remain healthy, happy and connected to their community for as long as possible. We understand common ailments are part and parcel of growing old. But we also believe that poverty should never stand in the way of a healthy old age.

If we can improve living conditions and access to nutritious food, we can help our citizens to enjoy their retirement in relative comfort. That’s why we’re working with charities and various community organisations to create a safety net for the elderly. By working together as a community we can give our elders the Golden Years they deserve. Learn more about the senior food programs available at local food pantries.



We all have a role to play in keeping our seniors active and healthy. Loneliness is a killer, which is why we drive several initiatives aimed at embracing seniors as part of the wider community. Our experience tells us that poverty, hunger, food insecurity and long-term unemployment are barriers to an active life. That’s why we’re determined to tackle the root causes of inactivity among the elderly.

We’re looking for help. We need your donations and support to start changing attitudes towards the seniors in our country. If we can pull together as a society, we can give our seniors the help and support they deserve.


We are working to develop a more positive, realistic narrative around ageing that will help to shift attitudes. While people are, on average, living longer, the proportion of years we spend in good health and free from disability has failed to keep pace with our longer life expectancy. Being physically inactive is one of the top risk factors for developing conditions that lead to preventable disability in later life. And improving levels of physical activity in those aged 50-70 can have a significant impact on the quality of later life.

However, those most likely to be inactive in this age group are those who are unemployed, have a long-term condition or disability, are from Black and minority ethnic groups or are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. We’re working to better understand those who are physically inactive and what will enable them to be more active as well as working with partners to improve support and opportunities for physical activity at a local and national level.


Too many older people feel they have no one to turn to for support. We exist to help older people when they need us the most. Together with our supporters, volunteers, campaigners and local and national partners, we achieved a huge amount for older people amidst the challenging backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Whatever happens, as we get older, we all want to remain independent and live life on our terms. That’s why, as well as offering regular friendly contact and a strong campaigning voice, TSF can provide you and your family with a piece of impartial advice on the issues that matter:

  • We tackle loneliness, get older people active, and support people to stay independent for longer.
  • We put people in control of the care they receive while sharing best practices to improve services.
  • We help millions of people to know their rights and make the best choices for later life.
  • We run campaigns and conduct research to help make later life better for older people today and tomorrow.
  • We help the network to offer vital community support by providing unrestricted income, helping it raise money, and working together to improve quality. 


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