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Thank you for your interest in joining the fight to end hunger finally. Volunteering with The Samaritans Foundation means helping millions of people around the country. Our volunteers make a difference every day, contributing their expertise and experience to add value to the organization in different functional areas. TSF offers the opportunity for volunteers to work in the areas they know best while helping the organization achieve its goal of zero hunger.


We rely on panels composed of individuals who represent a broad range of cultural viewpoints, as well as wide geographic and ethnic diversity, to provide advice about the excellence and merit of proposals in a variety of funding categories. Our panels would be composed of both professionals and knowledgeable laypersons. Most panellists are arts professionals who are qualified by their activities, training, skills, and/or experience in one or more art forms. Every panel also includes a layperson – someone knowledgeable about the charity works but not engaged in all kinds of charities as a profession either full- or part-time. Find out more about the panel and how you can join by signing up today.


Do you have tips and advice for other people about poverty, or people struggling with food security? Then writing for the TSF blog could be for you. 

What are the TSF blogs about?

TSF blog has created a platform where people can share their experiences and use their voices to support others. TSF blog gives you the chance to use your voice and tell your stories to readers. Each month, there will be certain themes and topics that we seek to cover, according to what is relevant and timely. These can range from real-life stories to tips and advice. Please, email to find out more.

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All you need to make a difference is an internet connection!


Virtual volunteers can complete short-term or long-term tasks, in whole or in part, typically off-site from the organization or person being assisted. If you’ve got access to a computer, thousands of different volunteer projects and roles are available to you — from your home, the library, a coffee shop, anywhere with an Internet connection. Browse our current volunteer opportunities and get started.


The TSF board is expanding. We are looking to build a diverse team of people with a passion for people around the country, and the skills we need to enhance our impact. As a trustee, you are part of a team and will have the opportunity to apply your unique skills and experience while learning from others. Working closely with a passionate team of people who have different perspectives is often one of the most enjoyable aspects of the role. If you would prefer to explore a range of different trustee opportunities, you can register here and you will find several roles advertised across all our sectors. 


We are looking for some passionate, dynamic hosts and co-host volunteers that would be interested in taking the reins of the TSF Podcast this coming month. Do you love to talk to people about their lives and The Samaritans Foundation? Do you have creative ideas you would love to do with a podcast? Do you desire to interview others and find out more about them? Do you have a passion to build the TSF network, through discussions about diversity, inclusion, and sharing the tools to help the next generations in audio? Do you have interviewing experience and abilities? This opportunity might be for you, register your interest here or get in touch with us.

Did you know?

Volunteering your skills and expertise is an excellent way to directly support TSF and the communities they serve.

Using your time and skills to help TSF has a direct impact on their ability to deliver critical services.

Volunteer the way you want

We have several volunteering opportunities for every skill wherever you are. Find the one that excites you – Getting started is easy. Join today and discover the good you can do at The Samaritans Foundation.