This guide is for people who have care and support needs, their carers, and people who are planning their future care needs.


TSF is introducing health care and support services to help if you need practical support because of illness, disability, or care for someone receiving social care and support.

Health care and support are usually paid for by people who need services and their families or by public donations to support the less privileged or vulnerable people.


  • Home care
  • Meals
  • Household equipment and gadgets
  • Supportive living systems


To ensure that everybody can access and benefit from the health and care they need to live well, by ensuring that our services are designed and delivered through an equal partnership with patients.



The Samaritans Foundation (TSF) is going through a period of structural change in Nigeria. This change in the care systems approach will increasingly affect how health and care services are organised and delivered. A new hospital is what we proposed, as becoming a catalyst for changes in the healthcare delivery, not only within the hospital itself but across all local systems.

At The Samaritans Foundation, we want to ensure that the hospitals we build in partnership with the Nigerian government take the greatest advantage of a system that is working. Hospitals are an incredibly important part of the healthcare system, so we need to make sure our buildings recognise that but also try and ensure that the most significant amount of care that’s possible is delivered outside of the hospital environment.

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The Samaritans Foundation presents Hospitals of the future. For everyone. We have an exciting vision to transform healthcare for patients in the wider region and beyond for improvements in Nigeria.

TSF health scheme is meant for the Samaritans members who are contributing to the charity with commitments covering all health and care issues.  TSF work with patients directly: they are our members and supporters. Through our support system, thousands of people each year with their concerns and queries about the health and social care system benefit from our help and advice services.

We are also people's advocates, we speak to the government and other stakeholders about patients' priorities and concerns, to ensure the patient voice is heard and acted upon.

As an independent charity, all of the services we provide are free and confidential. We’ll take time to understand your situation, explore the options and help. You decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. We can give you as much or as little support as you want to put your views across.



The Samaritans Foundation have unveiled its “vision” for how health services in Nigeria should be delivered, with a focus on strengthening the workforce and its leadership. 

The healthcare services of the model focus on supporting the development and healthy lifestyles for all children, women, disabled, elderly people, and young people to those who require additional support and need early help. Also, there is a special provision for children, elderlies, disabled, and young individuals with more complex or significant needs, who may need help from multiple services working together.


ImprovING the health care of all people in Nigeria. The Samaritans Foundation and the Nigerian government through the development of qualified nurse leaders at all levels of practice, the development of nursing science, and the provision of nursing care to individuals, families and communities. This is accomplished through the integrated programs of nursing, education, research, scholarship and outreach.

Creating a dynamic and engaged community of scholars who integrate excellence in academics, nursing research and clinical scholarship, and outreach to the community with a commitment to improving the quality of life for all people.

TSF program was carefully organised to introduce new students through a sequential series of courses and clinical experiences. The program first prepares students to think at the doctoral level about their role as nurse practitioners. It invests critical thinking in all future areas in which they could serve — administration, private practice, community-based practice or hospital care.

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Planning for health needs

The Samaritans Foundation health is planning to form a partnership with health institutional councils across Nigeria. Every area in Nigeria has a clinical service that brings together experienced health and care professionals to decide what services are needed in the local area and ensure that they are provided.

This planning is believed to be supported by The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) managers, working at the front line of our community, so we hear the health and care needs of our local people every day, who ensure we function effectively. We also work closely with partner organisations to agree on priorities based on the information that we gather between us. Together, this helps us to assess your needs, review services available and plan our priorities.

Below is a list of services we plan in your locals:

  • urgent and emergency care, such as A&E and ambulance services
  • planned hospital care - operations and treatments
  • community health services - community nursing and physiotherapy
  • rehabilitation for those recovering from operations and certain conditions
  • maternity and newborn services
  • infertility services
  • children and young people's special care services
  • continuing health care for people with ongoing health needs, such as nursing care
  • a range of services from voluntary community sector organisations.

How to get involved?

Our commitment is to put the voice of our patients and the public at the heart of everything we do.

Your views, opinions, backgrounds, and experiences are most important to us. They would help us understand what matters to you most so that we can develop the best health and care services for you at all times.

We are enthusiastic to hear from you and you can give us feedback by:

Telephone +2347036575835

Email to




General Hospital is at the heart of an exciting vision to improve health and well-being for every individual over the next years.



Hundreds of thousands of people in Nigeria will benefit from new Hospital facilities and services as ministers open the selection process for new hospitals, as part of the biggest hospital building programme of our generation.

Together we are committed to building a new high quality and sustainable civic campus where people will want to get better, learn and work.

The proposed hospital will bring the community a focal point, with integrated health and social care facilities, high-quality new homes, and access to better education and training alongside more inviting public open spaces.

This development will affect generational change for the community, creating new jobs, promoting healthy lifestyles, developing skills, and contributing to a zero-carbon environment for the benefit of the local neighbourhood and beyond.

Expressions of interest are invited by December 2022 from all health sectors, communities and private hospitals who wish their plans to be considered. Later this year there will be a more detailed second-stage process for long-listed schemes, with a final decision expected.



We will take forward the bold and ambitious plans to improve care, level up investment and prioritise sustainable design. The new hospitals will benefit from being part of The Samaritans Foundation's nationally led programme,  ensuring the programme delivers value for money for use of the limited national public funding envelope available.

Experience will be shared across the schemes which will be built over the next decade, so they can be built as quickly as possible while prioritising standardisation, digital technology, sustainability and modern methods of construction.

This is an exciting step forwards for the future of TSF's proposed General Hospital.  We look forward to working with you to develop plans for the regeneration of the site and to improve the health of the communities.

We will add more information to this website as the project develops and you can contact us at